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It is my privilege and joy to lead this caring and fun congregation. They not only love the Lord Jesus Christ but also reach out in grace-filled friendship to all whom they meet … in neighborhoods, workplaces, and yes, in pews. Our hearts and arms are open to all regardless of age, race, or sexual orientation. If you are looking for the love of Christ, you will find it in this congregation.

We have a committed desire to address the needs of the Howey-in-the-Hills greater area. Our long-standing Food Ministries are one example of this commitment.

We are a genuine lot of sinners, relying on Christ’s forgiveness and grateful to God for his mercy. Our gatherings are punctuated with prayer, laughter, and sometimes tears.

Some of us are older, but with age comes a new outlook on life. We have a better understanding of what is profoundly important in life and therefore seek after substance such as faith, family, and friends. Join us once as our guest. Come again and you are family.

In Jesus,


Our Mission as a local church

REACH UP to Glorify God

REACH IN to Become like Jesus

REACH OUT to Serve Other

We are connected

You will find the latest news and events and get valuable resources from the Central Florida Presbytery by visiting their website at

PCUSA as a Denomination

Discover how Presbyterians around the world are making a difference in people′s lives. Check out their excellent website at 

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